Reservations: Tyreek Hill Character Breakfast 

Did you know that Disney’s restaurant reservations can book solid for three months within minutes of coming open? I’ve got two boys under 4 who are wild about Disney. (My youngest is currently walking around, wearing my SFB7 t-shirt like a kimono, proudly pointing out, “Cinderella’s Castle!” They love Goofy, Pluto, Nick Wilde, and Mater; but the real star, of course, is Mickey Mouse. If we don’t see another character on our entire vacation, it will still be a success as long as there’s a meeting with the Mouse.

So here I am, in the middle of writing a Tyreek Hill versus Golden Tate article, brow furrowed, (occasionally swearing under my breath,) trying to navigate the DisneyWorld dining reservations website to secure a breakfast with Chef Mickey… in December. And there are zero spots available; every day of our week-long vacation is booked solid. Frantic, I look again. There are other restaurants, of course, and they would probably be terrific. There might even be a better place to eat, but I know what I’m getting with Chef Mickey and his mouse-ear waffles.
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