KD Cannon Film Notes

KD Cannon – Baylor
WR 6’0″ 180

This class of receivers is much maligned, but I am starting to think that there are several potential diamonds who are going to be drafted. Ka’Darius O’Keith Cannon is the first of these. Up front, I’ll tell you KD is a project; he enters the NFL saddled with the stigma of the dreaded minimalist Baylor route tree.  Continue Reading

Curtis Samuel Film Notes

Curtis Samuel – Ohio State

WR/RB 5’10” 196lbs

I am beginning to think that Ohio State doesn’t care about making things easy for us. Curtis Samuel is the latest in a long line of Buckeyes who don’t fit into a single positional mold. I’m adding him as a receiver for the purpose of watching tape, because I see his biggest NFL contributions coming via the air, but I really see him as a man without a country. He strikes me as somewhere between Theo Riddick and Tavon Austin.  Continue Reading

DeDe Westbrook Film Notes 

DeDe Westbrook – Oklahoma

WR 6’0″ 180lbs

Even though DeDe Westbrook is six feet tall, he is relatively slight. (I’ve seen him listed anywhere from 170 to 182 pounds.) Westbrook’s primary ability, it should come as no surprise, is his speed. He is very fast both as a route runner and once he has the ball in his hands. He is quick at (and just after) the catch point, which is important because he works a lot of short to intermediate throws. (That’s not to say Westbrook can’t take the top off the defense when he gets a clean release, however.) Continue Reading

Christian McCaffrey Film Notes

Christian McCaffrey – Stanford
RB 5’11” 202lbs

You are going to hear McCaffrey compared to names like Danny Woodhead, Rex Birkhead, Peyton Hillis. Those comps are not close; Do not believe them. While McCaffrey is far from a lock to become a starting caliber back in the NFL, he does have the skill and physical attributes to get there.

Continue Reading