Trayveon Williams Film Notes

Trayveon Williams

RB Texas A&M

5-9” 200lb

Learn the name Trayveon Williams; you will being hearing it a lot more in the coming months. The 2019 draft is littered with Lilliputian lead backs, but Williams stands tall. He’s fairly easily the most exciting undersized runner this year.

Williams runs with excellent patience, waiting for holes to develop before exploding through. He has very good balance, and that in combination with his ability to cut on a dime often leaves defenders tackling nothing. When they do get pads on Williams, he exhibits enough contact balance to continue his run. Williams is fantastic in the pass game as both a receiver and a blocker. Oddly, he runs more successfully between the tackles than outside, rolling up 1,760 yards on 271 carries this year.

Williams’ vision is adequate, but he does have a tendency to try to attack holes after the window has passed. His size may present concerns for some NFL teams, but that seems unfounded. (His best game in pass protection came against the Alabama juggernaut.)

Trayveon Williams is a dynamo. He should work into a role at the next level and continue to succeed.

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