Rodney Anderson Film Notes

Rodney Anderson

RB Oklahoma

6-1”. 220lb

The biggest question surrounding Rodney Anderson is his health. Over the course of his college career, he’s suffered a broken fibula, fractured vertebrae, a serious neck injury, and a torn ACL; he’s got more red flags than the back-nine St. Andrews. But, if his medicals check out to the satisfaction of NFL teams, then Anderson’s skillset is one worth noting.

Anderson is a big framed runner, seemingly a throwback to the days of three yards and a cloud of dust. He runs through contact well, sticking to carries between the tackles. While his initial burst is not exceptional, once he builds momentum, Anderson has decent top-end speed. The surprising part of Anderson’s game is his receiving ability- he can even get downfield and track the ball like a wideout.

Although Anderson flashed pass catching chops, he didn’t get as much work receiving as you might like, and NFL coaches may be hesitant to expand his role. Anderson’s inability to accelerate quickly generally precludes him from getting outside the tackles, and speed concerns are not ideal for player coming off a knee injury.

There are plenty of concerns with Rodney Anderson, but the potential is real. For now, the height his ceiling is in the hands of the medical staff.

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