Parris Campbell Film Notes

Parris Campbell

WR Ohio State

6-1” 205lb

It’s easy to get lost in an explosive rushing offense like Ohio State’s— hell, it happened to Michael Thomas! This year, JK Dobbins and Mike Weber both command a ton of touches for the Buckeyes, but overlooking Parris Campbell would be a mistake.

Campbell has tremendous hands, catching the ball away from his body and creating protection against defenders. He makes tough catches in traffic, but can also create enough separation to get free as well. Once the ball is in his hands, Campbell becomes a running back; he even exhibits contact balance, a term usually reserved for high-end runners. On top of his ability to absorb and deflect contact, Parris Campbell has elite (read: sub 4.4) speed. He can fight off press man when necessary, but Campbell is an assassin versus zone coverage.

Campbell will occasionally be bothered by very physical corners, getting pushed off route, but his game appears to be virtually bulletproof.

Campbell projects as a versatile slot-plus receiver with the ability to take the top off a defense or win in the dirty areas as necessary. He’s got the combination of speed, size, and refinement that should play well at the next level.

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