N’Keal Harry Film Notes

N’Keal Harry

WR Arizona State

6-3” 220lb

No one in the 2019 class has a higher ceiling than N’Keal Harry. (It seems strange to talk about potential for a player who has posted two straight thousand-yard seasons.) Harry is tall, he’s physical, and his production is off the chart.

Although Harry is an imposing figure, he doesn’t always win the way you might imagine. He’s most consistent (and downright impressive) inside of 12-15 yards from scrimmage. Harry creates separation against man on short to medium slants, outs, and hitches— all of which highlight how good he is in space.

The rub comes downfield, in the area where you’d expect a player as big and fast as Harry to dominate. Instead, he struggles to gain separation on deeper routes and relies heavily on his size and length to out-duel corners. He also struggles to recognize where he is versus zone coverages.

There is plenty of time for Harry to develop a more nuanced game, and ideally he’s taken by a team with some veteran leadership willing to impart an attention to detail. N’Keal Harry has potential to be a monster.

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