Miles Sanders Film Notes

Miles Sanders

RB Penn State

5-11” 215lb

When you’ve been living in the shadow of the greatest running back prospect since LaDainian Tomlinson, there are bound to be some unfair comparisons, and Sanders has not escaped them. His 207 carry, 1223 yard season looks paltry next to the production of Saquon Barkley, but don’t fall into that trap.

Evaluations of Miles Sanders have been all over the place so far, but he’s a solid three down back. He runs with good pad level and is able to absorb contact and continue running. Although he doesn’t seem to be particularly fast, a breakaway run is always looming when Sanders gets the ball. He accelerates quickly, and that, combined with his ability to plant/cut is deadly. Sanders also had 22 receptions in his only season with meaningful work for the Nittany Lions.

The biggest concern that plagues Sanders is his lack of ball security; his fumble rate per touch is the highest of any running back invited to the combine. He also has a tendency to emulate Barkley’s aerial acrobatics, but leaving his feet is a bad idea for Sanders.

Miles Sanders might not drip with that Saquon-sex-appeal, but he is a very solid running back who could potentially be a pleasant surprise in this down class.

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