Mike Weber Film Notes

Mike Weber

RB Ohio State

5-10” 214lb

It’s impossible to think about Ohio State without immediately thinking about running backs- Eddie George, Beanie Wells, Ezekiel Elliott… and JK Dobbins on the horizon. Lost in the mix is Mike Weber, who quietly amassed two 1,000 all-purpose yard seasons in his three years as a Buckeye.

Weber is an underrated receiver, both in terms of his hands (which are very good) and his route running. He can line up in the backfield or split out wide and make plays on a variety of routes. Weber is also an effort-guy inside, keeping his legs churning to gain extra yardage. He runs physically, but also is excellent at setting up his blockers and nearly always gets the yardage that is in front of him.

Weber is not as flashy, and honestly, not as talented as his backfield mate JK Dobbins. (Dobbins led Ohio State’s backs in carries, yards, and receptions.) Weber struggles some in pass protection, often getting lost on his assignment and when to release to the flat as a safety valve. He doesn’t have elite speed, so he relies a lot on angles to gain chunk yardage.

Mike Weber will probably land somewhere as a backup, but could carve out a significant role with his consistency and all around skillset.

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