Kelvin Harmon Film Notes

Kelvin Harmon

WR NC State

6-2” 215lb

The 2019 Class has been touted for (what seems like) the last five years, in no small part due to traditional X-type receivers. Kelvin Harmon is a little harder to peg; he’s some sliding combination of X and Z— a possession receiver with the ability to stretch the field and block,. Harmon is the type of player offensive coordinators dream about.

Blocking is down on the list of traits important to a wide receiver, but Harmon is a beast when it comes to run blocking. It’s just another facet of his well rounded game. Harmon is decent at attacking zone defenses, but his fortè beating man to man. He uses a variety of routes, including double moves, to create separation both underneath and over the top. He’s great in traffic, and Harmon’s ability to adjust to back-shoulder throws is second to none. He also has tremendous feet and sideline awareness.

The biggest drawback to Kelvin Harmon’s game is that he will occasionally misread the coverage, which completely obliterates any separation he’s created. He will also body catch, but more often he receives the ball with his arms extended.

The NFL is in need of the next wave of difference making wideouts, and Kelvin Harmon fits that archetype to a tee.

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