Josh Jacobs Film Notes

Josh Jacobs

RB Alabama

5-9” 210lb

The biggest issue surrounding Josh Jacobs is that he hasn’t put much on film (or in the way of production for the metrics driven crowd.) Because of nagging hamstring injuries (and a broken ankle) early in his career and the fact that Jacobs was a change of pace back at Alabama in 2018, he has never eclipsed 650 rushing yards in a single season. In spite of that, his late season surge and athleticism make him a very interesting prospect.

The suddenness of Jacobs’ cuts is incredible; he puts defenders on skates nearly every time he changes direction. He has the speed to run outside, but runs with a low pad-level and ferocity that is suited to inside running too. Jacobs runs through contact, keeping his legs driving and his mass low to finish off plays. Don’t be fooled into thinking he’s strictly a power back though; Jacobs accelerates very quickly and has exceptional top end speed as well. Although he was used sparingly as a receiver, he does have decent hands and is deadly with the ball in space.

Jacobs’ physicality is sometimes his downfall. He has a tendency to miss glaring opportunities to the outside because he is looking to initiate contact and punish defenders. He also needs to prove that he’s a pass catcher at the next level, although I’m not incredibly concerned about this facet of his game.

Jacobs needs a team to take a leap of faith on his athleticism, but if he’s given the touches, I think his explosiveness will take care of the rest.

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