Hakeem Butler Film Notes

Hakeem Butler

WR Iowa State

6-5” 220lb

It’s hard to put Hakeem Butler into a neat wide-receiver box, (partially because finding a box that big is impossible,) but mostly because of the way he plays.

Butler is huge; he’s every bit of 6-5”, and he looks more like a move tight end than a wideout. So it’s strange to say one of his biggest flaws is that he gets out-muscled by corners a fair bit. Butler is prone to getting pushed off route, and what’s worse, when he does get re-routed, Butler tends to give up. This issue compounds when he can’t get separation against man coverage.

It’s not all bad though, and Butler’s height covers a multitude of sins. He’s fantastic at high-pointing the ball over defenders and catching with his hands extended away from his body. Butler excels at working his way open against zone coverages and is very talented along the sideline.

Butler has potential to be a red zone threat at the next level, and with a little more muscle mass, a pretty good one. The floor, unfortunately, is a long way down and looks a lot like Keyarris Garrett and Auden Tate.

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