Elijah Holyfield Film Notes

Elijah Holyfield

RB Georgia

5-10” 215lb

Stop me if you’ve heard this one, but there’s a Georgia running back who may be a stud at the next level BUT he shared a backfield, so it’s difficult to say for sure. Chubb, Michel, and Swift definitely cut into playing time for Elijah Holyfield, but he still managed 1,018 yards in 2018.

Holyfield is everything you’re looking for in a running back. He is a powerful inside runner with the ability to blow up a defender as well as jump-cut and avoid him altogether. Holyfield accelerates quickly and even has the speed to get outside; (although he is more effective between the tackles.) He generally exhibits good patience, a willingness to let blocks develop, and he does an excellent job of finding the extra defender on blitz pickup.

There is a chunk missing from Holyfield’s skillset, however. His receiving game is virtually non-existent, and that’s being generous. He also has a bad habit of getting forced laterally up the line of scrimmage instead of turning upfield. It’s not exactly “dancing,” but Holyfield ends up exerting a lot of effort for nothing.

A lot will depend on the risk that NFL teams are willing to take on Holyfield, especially considering the 2018 success of his former backfield compadres Chubb and Michel. His lack of pass catching limits his overall upside, but if he’s given carries, that could be an afterthought.

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