DK Metcalf Film Notes

DK Metcalf

WR Ole Miss

6-3” 230lb

DK Metcalf is going to be one of the very noticeable battleground players for the Film versus Metrics War. He’s big, athletic, and makes mind blowing highlight-reel plays, but he also has an injury history and doesn’t have the market share or production numbers people are looking for. Welcome to Thunderdome.

In fantasy football terms, DK Metcalf has the ability to win your week on two plays. He’s an elite deep threat, using double moves and his ability to high-point the ball to abuse defenders over the top. Although he’s raw in many respects, Metcalf showed marked improvement from his sophomore to junior year, especially with regard to beating press coverage. (He now has at least four distinct release techniques to get away from a jamming cornerback.) It’s this type of attention to detail and craft that bodes well for his continued ascension.

There are some warts however, especially Metcalf’s lack of technique as an underneath receiver. He appears disinterested in some of his shorter routes and dropped far too many easy throws. Metcalf is also not a willing blocker, which slightly narrows his playing window.

If anyone is telling you that DK Metcalf is a sure thing, they’re either lying to you or selling something. (Possibly both.) But there is no doubt that there is some serious upside attached to this member of the NWO. With a little seasoning (and a Bruce Arians-type scheme,) Metcalf could break the ceiling.

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