Devin Singletary Film Notes

Devin Singletary

RB Florida Atlantic

5-9” 200lb

There are several smaller backs in the 2019 class who immediately profile as scatback-types, and Singletary is possibly the strangest case of them. He posted 66 touchdowns in three years at FAU and had 51 receptions, but there’s more to the story.

Singletary is an enigma; a small back who can run inside with both vision and (yes) power. He has tremendous contact balance, often utilizing a spin move to vanish just as the defender begins to wrap him up. He’s got very good hands, but most of his catches came early in his college career before he assumed the mantle of lead back.

One of the downfalls of Singletary’s running style is the amount of time he spends hesitating behind the line of scrimmage. He dances, and sometimes Singletary will come to a complete stop in order to make a cut. His size makes hesitancy a very dangerous proposition.

Singletary’s quickness and top end speed make for a deadly combination. He could assume a pass-catcher-plus role for a team at the next level; working as a change of pace back with the potential to shoulder more work should opportunity arise.

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