David Montgomery Film Notes


David Montgomery

RB Iowa St

5-11” 225lb

We’ve been told that 2019 is a sub-par running back class for what seems like years now; And while there aren’t the sure-fire studs at the top like we’ve grown accustomed too, David Montgomery leads the pack of some very interesting players.

Montgomery has fantastic vision- partially out of necessity due to the porous Iowa State offensive line. Although his counting stats aren’t going to excite anyone, Montgomery manages to gain hard yards, often escaping defenders behind the line of scrimmage by absorbing a hit and maintaining balance. He’s very dangerous once he gets in space, using a combination of agility, angles and jump cuts. This is very important, since the asset that sets him apart from the rest of this class is his receiving ability. Montgomery has very good hands and can run a variety of routes from the backfield or even split out wide.

Although Montgomery is “fast enough,” he’s never going to be mistaken for a homerun hitter. The same is true for his power; Montgomery is slipperier than he is bruising, often escaping tackles with his contact balance. Although he is one of the class’s premier pass-catchers, Montgomery is sometimes slow to present his quarterback a target after he chip blocks. His biggest flaw is his tendency to hesitate and dance in the backfield, (however, some of this can be attributed to the failings of his line.)

In a class with few three-down options, Montgomery is at the top. He runs with vision, balance, patience, and is an asset in the passing game. If you’re looking for a sexy roster, maybe he’s not your guy, but if you want production, David Montgomery is the pick.


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