Darrell Henderson Film Notes

Darrell Henderson

RB Memphis

5-9” 200lb

Darrell Henderson posted nearly 2,000 yards rushing on just 214 carries in 2018. Pow! That alone should turn some heads in the upcoming draft.

Henderson can score from anywhere on the field. It stems from his lightning-quick acceleration to/through the line. Once Henderson is into a defense’s second-level, he uses a combination of cuts and contact balance to get enough separation to use his finishing speed to get to the paint. Henderson also has versatility enough to line up as a receiver, kick returner, and to throw touchdowns.

While Henderson has very good hands, (53 catches in three years,) he does struggle sometimes with his transition back to a runner after the catch. He definitely lacks power (and patience), and there’s very little chance anyone mistakes him for Marshawn Lynch.

Henderson will probably be a complimentary back at the next level, but will have 3-down upside in a pinch. Couple that with his homerun-hitting ability, and he’s worth a shot in the second round of your rookie drafts.

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