Bryce Love Film Notes

Bryce Love

RB Stanford

5-10” 191lb

The way Bryce Love’s final year at Stanford unfolded is enough to draw tears; he looked fantastic in 2017 (263 carries for 2118 yards and 19 scores), decided to stay in school, struggled mightily, then ultimately tore his ACL, ending his 2018 season. The question now becomes, what to make of Love?

As a junior, Love was explosive, getting to the edge routinely. He was incredible, having a knack for finding the defenses weak spot an exploiting it for huge runs. This past season, there wasn’t as much of that exciting player who could stretch the defense laterally before breaking them with vertical speed, but Love’s quick burst was still there in flashes.

Love’s most obvious flaw is his tendency to hesitate behind the line of scrimmage. It looks like this is probably a function of trying to break big plays, but more often than not, it ends with a loss of yardage. Sometimes taking the three yards that are there is more valuable than trying to be a hero.

The medicals on Love with be important, as well as whether or not a team is willing to wait for a healthy Love’s production. It’s a precarious spot in the new world of “running backs don’t matter.”

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