Bruce Anderson Film Notes

Bruce Anderson

RB North Dakota State

5-10” 210lb

Don’t feel bad if you’ve never laid eyes on Bruce Anderson. He’s a small school prospect with an uphill climb, especially since he did not get a combine invite. But there are some reasons to get familiar with this former Bison.

Anderson has put some excellent highlights on tape, but that’s just noise on the surface. The real Bruce Anderson has decent vision, excellent contact balance, and runs with both good speed and pace. Probably the most impressive facet of his game is his footwork. Anderson is able to pick his way through traffic on inside runs and use angles to beat defenders when he gets to the second level.

Although Anderson is not a bad route runner, the targets have not been there for him this year (12 catches) or over his career (just 32 in four seasons.) Anderson’s biggest flaw is not always recognizing the hole opening up to the outside, which leads to some of his runs stalling in the backfield.

Ultimately, Bruce Anderson was good at the FCS level, but never spectacular, which leaves a lot of questions to be answered over the next few months by the NFL.

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