Benny Snell Film Notes

Benny Snell

RB Kentucky

5-10” 220lb

For the past three seasons, Benny Snell has been terrorizing SEC, racking up totals of 1091, 1333, and 1449 yards respectively. There’s probably not a better between-the-tackles runner in this class.

Snell’s inside vision is unparalleled; if there is a hole in the defensive front, he will find it and he will exploit it. Snell is a powerful runner, initiating contact, but also absorbing contact by staying low and balanced. His stiff arm also packs a mean punch, allowing him to shed would-be tacklers. Snell is also exceptional at the goal line.

The problems with Benny Snell stem, not from what he can do, but from what he can’t. He’s very limited as a pass catcher/route runner, although he does usually manage to catch balls put right on him. For as big as he is, Snell doesn’t excel as a pass blocker, often sidestepping a rusher instead of squaring him up. Then, there’s the question of Snell’s speed. (Perhaps the question is, where is it?)

The range of outcomes for Benny Snell’s NFL is huge. If he lands on a team, (Oakland comes to mind), that’s willing to give him a heavy workload of carries, Snell could be firmly ensconced in the top 24 backs. If he’s relegated to the short end of a committee, he’d be following that well worn path behind so many Jeremy Hill types.

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