Nick Chubb Film Notes


Nick Chubb – Georgia

RB 5’10” 220 lbs

Entering 2015, Nick Chubb was at the top of Devy draft boards everywhere. Two seasons and one horrific knee injury later, Chubb is ascending back up the running back rankings.

Chubb’s power never left him; he’s still able to run through multiple defenders, churning his legs for extra yards. A single defender is rarely able to bring Chubb down. Because of the constant traffic around him, Chubb takes great care with ball security. Although he doesn’t have elite speed, Chubb is faster than he appears and ramps up straight-line speed quickly if there is a hole present. He almost “runs heavy,” meaning there is more force behind him than you might expect. He has very good vision inside and is able to anticipate creases in the line.

When Chubb has to cut to avoid defenders, his limitations become apparent. His cuts are, at best, deliberate, which limits his elusiveness. When he is forced to try to attack the edge, Chubb often ends up very parallel to the line of scrimmage without actually getting outside. Although Chubb is a better than average blocker, he will flail sometimes, and when he misses a block, he misses badly. Chubb’s lack of pass catching is partially a function of Georgia’s offense and partially due to the fact that Chubb isn’t very good at it.

Like most of the top end of this running back class, Chubb’s ultimate value will be determined by landing spot. If he ends up someplace like Carolina, Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Denver, his rushing ability will make him a tremendous fantasy asset.

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