DJ Moore Film Notes


DJ Moore – Maryland

WR 5’10” 215 lbs

Moore seems to be a darling of this year’s receiving crop, drawing many comparisons to players like Golden Tate. (And like Tate, landing spot will be critical to Moore’s success.)

DJ Moore is one of the best route runners in the 2018 class; his ability to separate in the short to intermediate areas versus man coverage is great. He is equally adept at separating vs zone by utilizing a variety of curl, comback, and sit down routes. Moore has very natural hands, which he shows off both in traffic and down the field. Even though Moore is under six feet tall, he does haul down his share of longer throws, high-pointing over smaller defenders, although I would not consider him a viable red zone threat. Moore is very good, however, at setting up screens and rub-routes which point to his potential to be a high YAC player at the next level.

Although DJ Moore is a very polished receiver, he still occasionally struggles with concentration drops and with letting the ball travel in on his body (especially on routes toward the sidelines.) His biggest downfall is an inability to get away from or beat more physical defenders; more found it difficult to gain separation versus high-level competition and was routinely pushed off route.

DJ Moore’s route running and post-catch ability should make him a higher floor player at the next level.

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