Derrius Guice Film Notes


Derrius Guice – LSU

RB 5’11” 222 lbs

Leonard Fournette was a darling of the 2017 draft class, but the man behind him at LSU is gaining fast. Derrius Guice has a tattoo across his shoulders that reads, “Savage.” It’s a perfect encapsulation of his playing style.

Perhaps the most impressive thing about Guice is the combination of speed, size, and power he possesses; this allows him to be effective on both inside runs and stretching plays to the outside. He runs decisively, and he runs angry. There are almost never yards left on the field at the end of one of Guice’s carries; he drives his legs and always falls forward, squeezing every last inch out of the defense. Guice has exceptional balance, often carrying his run through contact.

For as physical as he runs, Guice is a surprisingly poor blocker; he will often turn sideways and hit a defender with a glancing blow, or dive haphazardly at a chip block. His hands, while not exactly a negative, are definitely a question mark. LSU relies heavily on the run game to move the ball, so Guice was never called upon to be a factor in the receiving game. In limited reps, he appeared an adequate pass catcher, but the NFL is not known for its creative-minded coaches. To be a truly elite back, Guice will need to be recognized, developed, and utilized in the passing game.

There’s a lot to like about the potential of Guice at the next level, and there may be even more lurking just beneath the surface.

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