Courtland Sutton Film Notes


Courtland Sutton – SMU

WR 6’4″ 215 lbs

Cortland Sutton has been near the top of the last two receiver classes, opting to return last season to SMU. An extra year of seasoning may have backfired in terms of Sutton’s draft stock, but it is definitely providing a bright spot for dynasty drafters.

Sutton is a very good route runner, and his ability to mix in combination attacks of slants and sluggo (slant & go) routes is deadly to DBs. He is a very natural hands-catcher, and also does a good job using his hands as leverage against a defender. His maturity as a player shows up against zone coverage, where Sutton is adept at finding the open gaps and sitting in them. Sutton is also fast in the open field and uses that to be an effective downfield blocker too.

The biggest knock against Sutton is that he is not always able to keep his emotions in check on the field. Passion is a great thing, but when it results in blatant shoving that results in offensive pass-interference, that fire is counterproductive. Sutton also is hesitant to take a hit after the catch, even if it means that he is leaving yards on the table.

In a class littered with number-two wideouts, Sutton is near the top of that pile. He has more downfield ability than most of his peers, and that is ultimately the separating factor.

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