Suspensions, Trades, & Stranger Things Too

Disclaimer: This article is free of any spoilers for Strangers Things 2

Today we are talking stock prices for players who were affected by some of the many news pieces that had us all on the edge of our seats this week. From suspensions laid out, to suspensions lifted, trades GALORE, and everything in between, we are talking about it over at Dynasty Dummies. Let’s dive in…

The theme as we head towards Week 9 is new faces in new places and, with Strangers Things 2 being released last Friday, what better time to talk about strange happenings in the NFL over the past few days since Week 8 concluded? I have been mind boggled from the time Jimmy Garappolo was traded to when Brock Osweiler became a starting quarterback for the Denver Broncos again. No, I’m serious. Then we had injury sadness and suspensions lifted…I’m literally Ron Burgundy in a glass case of emotions.
Stock Up: Players whose value has dipped and are a great grab for the future.

DeShaun Watson – If you haven’t heard some of the saddest news of the season, the rookie tore his ACL in a non-contact play at practice on Thursday. It sucks in every way as the dude was slinging it, was charitable off the field, and was en route to rookie of the year. I’m sold on him with an offense that can be deadly next year. 9 months of recovery gives him a timetable of late summer return. If you’re building for the future he is the perfect building block.

Ezekiel Elliott –  Roger Goodell, aka the Dr. Brenner of the NFL, had seemingly won this round of the endless heavyweight bout to keep Ezekiel Elliott locked out of the league for six weeks. But, in the dawn of early Friday morning, Elliott managed to get another week of play as the 2nd circuit court granted him a temporary stay. Elliott hopefully will use the powers of Eleven to move all defenders out of his way on Sunday, or maybe the Chiefs will do it themselves as they have given up 131 rushing yards per game and 4.9 yards per clip (5th worst in the league). Whether Zeke is eventually suspended this year or not, he is a perennial talent whose stock will be discounted due to the circumstances.

Jay Ajayi – Improved QB situation, check. Improved offensive line, check. Improved overall team, check! Being on the Eagles roster is a WAY better opportunity for Ajayi coming out of a struggling rushing attack in Miami. Coach Doug Pederson has been shouting praise for incumbent starter LeGarrette Blount, but you don’t bring in a guy like Ajayi who is younger, faster, and shiftier version of Blount. The Eagles will get Ajayi in more scoring situations and will be an improvement from Miami’s second worst run blocking offensive line according to

Hunter Henry – I’m not sure if it’s a measurable stat but I’ve always felt that owners are willing to part with their players more than normal when the player has their bye week. Maybe it’s the uselessness that they provide in a “what are you doing for me now” society. Idk. What I do know is that four of Henry’s next seven opponents rank in the bottom ten in points allowed to his position. Hunter has also been in on 75% or more of offensive snaps in three of the past four weeks.

Penny Stocks:
One player who is a great stash candidate for a future breakout.

Rod Smith – If Zeke truly does miss 6 weeks at some point this season, I think the best complete back on the roster is not named Morris or McFadden. Rod Smith turned some dynasty players’ head this offseason and two weeks ago in mop up duty against the 49ers where he had 61 yards on eight carries. Buy some of Smith’s stock now as I think he will be the leading rusher the six weeks Elliott is out.

Stock Down
: Players who rebuilding teams can look to move for future value.

Dolphins’ Backfield – The only thing that has disappeared faster than Will Byers is the open lanes for running backs in Miami this season. Refer above to the last sentence under Jay Ajayi if you forgot the stat. The Dolphins have been awful at run blocking all year and both Kenyan Drake and Damien Williams will handcuff the other from getting the volume to make up for that. The Dolphins offense has been a mess for more of the year, and despite Jay Cutler and DeVante Parker returning, I believe they will be unable to move the ball much on the ground.

Kelvin Benjamin – Only Baltimore and Miami have less passing yards than Benjamin’s new home in Upper New York. Couple that with a downgrade in quarterback from Cam Newton to Tyrod Taylor and you don’t exactly have the recipe for fantasy domination for the newest member of the Bills.

Josh Gordon – Gordon was conditionally reinstated by the league Wednesday. There is no other player that feasts like the Demogorgon when it smells blood than Gordon when he is on a football field. The guy produces…when he stays on the field. That’s the big problem. I don’t want a player that struggles to stay on the field due to non-injury reasons. People will pay a decent price for his upside, but not sure it’s worth the hype.

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