Week 7 Stock Watch


Let’s face it. You’re probably sitting at your work desk trying to figure out how to pass the time until you punch out for the week. What happy hours to attend? Where is the next vacation spot? What are the fantasy stocks for players this Sunday? Well you’re in luck because the stocks are in for Week 7! We will recap the how the market faired last week and look towards who you need to be buying and selling before Sunday.

Week 6 Stock Recap

Week 6 Stock Hits: Stocks we cashed in on.

DeShaun Watson – C’mon, it was the Browns. Of course he was pegged for at least two TDs. He got owners three. Cheers to all Texans fantasy owners in recent weeks.

Alvin Kamara – Despite what some might say after Mark Ingram’s performance, Kamara was just fine in Week 6. He hit projections and is a RB2 in PPR.

Lions Starting WR’s – Two for one! Both Golden Tate & Marvin Jones had 96 yards and touchdown on Sunday. The Lions were playing catchup for most of the game and both wide-outs cashed in.

Week 6 Stock Sold: Stocks we sold at the right time.

Alex Smith – The funny thing about writing this on Friday is Smith was a solid start yesterday against the Raiders. However, we hit on his poor showing against the Steelers in Week 6 as he and the KC offense was dreadful.

Frank Gore – The man should be studied. He has aged more gracefully than arguably any other running back before him. I say this with a heavy heart but we sold at the right time. He is close to a timeshare with Marlon Mack in an offense that doesn’t call many run plays.

Carlos Hyde – Say what you want about his two touchdowns, Hyde looked bad against the Redskins gaining 28 yards on 13 carries. He ultimately had a good fantasy week but there is little question that he is on the outs after this season. The 0-6 49er’s will start to feature Matt Breida more and more.

Week 6 Stocks Missed: Stocks I missed on.

Terrelle Pryor – In a game where Kirk Cousins had 330 yards and two TDs, Pryor managed a whopping 23 yards. I’ve been one the biggest Pryor believers out there but this one stung. The matchup was good and the game flow was on point. Proceed with caution in regards to Pryor future usage.

Adrian Peterson – I’m still not quite sure I believe it. Peterson came out and did some vintage AP things rushing for over 100 yards and two touchdowns for the first time in 23 months. Not buying it long term but his value soared.

Week 7’s Stock Watch

Stock Up: Players who have good outlooks this week and whose value will rise.

Matt Ryan – What does a struggling fantasy QB need to wash away the transgressions of weeks past? A matchup against the Patriots 32nd ranked passing defense. New England has given up  over 200 more passing yards than all other teams going into Week 7. #RevengeGame

Joe Mixon –After splitting carries with Jeremy Hill early to start the year, Mixon has now commanded over half of the snaps at tailback the past two games. The Steelers are giving up only 154 yards/game through the air, which is lowest in the league. Look for the Bengals to be “Mixon” in the running game early and often. Ahhh I love puns.

CJ Anderson – Nothing about last Sunday night’s game was expected. Giants getting their first win, CJ Anderson forgetting how to run, and Brock Osweiler seeing an NFL snap again were all surprises. But, as Eminem once said, it’s time to “snap back to reality”. Anderson is a good running back and the Broncos have a good line. Look for them to take advantage of a bad rushing defense in the LA Chargers.

Julio Jones – Nothing is more frustrating than a first round pick who is healthy but still doesn’t produce. Jones has as many touchdowns in 2017 as I do. That will all change come Sunday night. The squeaky wheel gets the grease and I wouldn’t even be slightly surprised if Julio gets 15+ targets in this game. Patriots can double or triple cover him. I don’t think it will matter. #RevengeGame

Willie Snead – Speaking of rough starts…Willie Snead has struggled with the trifecta of suspension, injury, and low usage. His value is dirt cheap and he is in an offense that throws a lot. Green Bay is struggling to find consistent cornerback play. I think the Saints exploit the mismatch there and get Snead more involved this week. Don’t wait, buy now.

Kyle Rudolph – The season has been rough with quarterback changes and injuries all across the offense but, Rudolph’s fantasy value will continue to increase as they lean on the 6’6” tight end. Rudolph has doubled his targets since Dalvin Cook’s injuries and has 18 over the past two games. Ravens have given up six touchdowns to tight ends which is second most in the NFL to date.

Penny Stock: Here is one player for deep leagues whose stock is rising. Buy before they’re gone!

Bennie Fowler – Emmanuel Sanders is expected to miss a few weeks with a high ankle sprain. Enter Bennie Fowler. The Broncos travel to LA where the Chargers actually play pretty well against the pass with their lockdown corner Casey Hayward. Fowler could see his fair share of targets as Hayward will most likely shadow Demaryius Thomas. Fowler is cheap and an easy bet for looks this week.


Stock Down: Players who have bad outlooks this week and whose value will fall.

Buccaneer’s QB – Tampa Bay is uncertain if Famous Jameis Winston will make the start on Sunday vs. the Buffalo Bills. Backup Ryan Fitzpatrick did well when called upon after Winston suffered a sprained AC joint in his throwing shoulder. However, I’m thinking whoever is the starter at kickoff will have some tough sledding against a defense that has given up only two passing touchdowns all year. The Bills are coming off their bye week and will be plenty ready for whoever is under center.

Carlos Hyde – Two 1-yard touchdown runs by Hyde saved his fantasy week last Sunday. Don’t let that fool you. Hyde’s numbers in San Francisco are numbered and tackling machine, Sean Lee, is return for the Cowboys after missing the past two games. Cowboys give up half as many rushing yards with Lee in the lineup with 87/game vs. the 164 yards/game the past two weeks.

Vikings Starting WRs – The Stefon Diggs/Adam Theilen duo started out as the hottest starting WRs after a superb Week 1. Diggs is banged up and questionable to play and this Ravens passing defense is not to be trifled with. No WR has gotten triple digit yardage against them and six of their eight passing touchdowns allowed have been to tight ends. Not on board with the Vikes wide-outs this week.

Kelvin Benjamin – Popping up on the injury report late in the week is never a good thing. What’s more, the Panthers travel to Chicago and face potentially the most underrated pass defense in the league. Even if Benjamin does play, he has been losing targets to Devin Funchess who has out targeted Benjamin in three of the past four games.

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