Joe Mixon Film Notes

Joe Mixon – Oklahoma
RB 6’1″ 226lbs

I watched all the film on Mixon I could find. All of it. Including the surveillance video of him knocking out a woman in a restaurant. I wish that was all the tape I needed to see, but I believe that he will end up seeing an NFL field.

In his game film, Mixon is electric. He and Cook are virtually neck and neck in my view (and his size at 6’1″ 220 could even push him past Cook.) Mixon’s vision is incredible, but I think it’s his patience that really stands out when you watch him run. He allows his blockers to get out in front, create holes, and then he explodes through them. He is almost deliberate to the hole, but has breakaway speed afterwards as indicated by his 10 runs of 55 yards or more. Mixon is also quick, utilizing jump cuts and a strong plant-foot to change direction; it’s a rarity to see a run where he doesn’t make a defender miss.

There is also a decent amount of power to Mixon’s game. He will use a stiff arm and punishes smaller corners. His continuous leg drive propels him forward at the end of most runs. It’s interesting that with as much speed as Mixon possesses, he does his real damage inside. He runs with pace and gets to the second level of defense often.

Probably the most impressive thing about Mixon is that while he is a tremendous runner, he might be even better in the passing game. He is exceptionally smooth catching the ball and looks like a wideout running routes. He’s dangerous out of the backfield, but will occasionally slide to the outside without being fazed.

Mixon bounces to the outside more often than I’d like, rather than trust his blockers. I also saw an occasional drop, and he got run over a few times while picking up a blocking assignment. The real negative with Mixon is his off field baggage; it will keep him from the combine, and there’s no telling how far he will fall in drafts. Bad human, tremendous running back.

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