Corey Clement Film Notes

Corey Clement – Wisconsin
RB 5’11” 219lbs

Clement is another in the long line of backs who fall neatly into the height/weight parameters; there is a portion of the 2017 RB class that seems to be a line of cookie-cutter players. It’s up to film work and combine measurables to separate them.

Clement is strictly a between the tackles runner. He makes decent adjustments behind the line of scrimmage and is not stopped dead on first contact. He uses very subtle cuts, sidesteps, and footwork to get where he wants to be. Clement often makes the right decision to bounce outside, but doesn’t have the long speed to capitalize. He will get what’s blocked, plus a yard or two more after contact, but I don’t think anyone will be comping him to Barry Sanders.

Clement is not quick either behind the line nor once he’s made a decision. It left me wondering whether he was being patient or if he is a plodder. Compounding the problem of indecisiveness, Clement’s vision is average at best. Multiple times a game, he chose to attack a hole already occupied by a linebacker. When Clement manages to get in space, he isn’t able to out-quick a defender to extend plays. I’m also concerned with ball security, even though it might not show up on the stat sheet. He tends to get careless with the ball if he thinks he’s got a hole; there were several fumbles due to carrying the ball in one arm through the hole. (Most were recovered by Wisconsin, but the potential for a devastating turnover is present.)

In another class, Clement’s ability to get the yards in front of him might have been enough to generate moderate buzz. Fortunately for us, the 2017 class is deep with both early down pounders and elusive pass catchers. Clement is just another guy.

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